Clean up your Grasshopper definitions


SnappingGecko is a free Grasshopper plugin which provides object snapping features, helping you to keep your definitions clean.

This plugin has been conceived for users by users : while growing up, Grasshopper definitions always tend to get as messy as a noodle bowl ! SnappingGecko enables you to align components while moving, assisted by magnetic guides to the sides or centers of other close components, or aligned with the cables linked to the moving component.

SnappingGecko can be entirely customized (changing guides color, line type, thickness, strength, …) to fit your Grasshopper experience straight from the Grasshopper Preferences dialog.
It also comes with a new menu, providing fast access to the main features and can even supporting keyboard shortcuts.

Definitions organization

Get rid of “noodle bowl” definitions. Magnetic guides will help you to easily organize your developments.

Customizable guides

Everyone works differently. Guides can be selectively disabled and are fully customizable.

Download SnappingGecko

Complete Version (1.1.1)

Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 4.0
  • Download on Food4Rhino
  • Object snap for Grasshopper objects
  • Fully customizable

New in v1.1

We’re happy to intoduce the new version 1.1 of Snapping Gecko.

The core mechanism has been modified to be more transparent and leave all Grasshopper built-in features unchanged, enabling original Alt+drag copy feature, shift+drag ortho mode.

This new version also enables snapping when resizing components (such as panels and sliders), bringing a new level of cleanliness in your definitions.


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