About weArk

weArk is a software development company, specialized in architecture and engineering tools.

It was founded by 3 engineers, with different skills from their respective fields: a BIM and interoperability engineer, a steel structure engineer and a façade engineer. We combine our experiences in order to build specialized software solutions, tailor made developments and support you in your BIM and 3D projects.

Our software solutions

We provide tools to support architects and engineers in their projects


Interoperability is a growing concern in construction projects, especially with the rise of BIM (Building Information Modelling).

JumpingFrog is a Grasshopper plugin suite enabling you to import, export and manipulate structural design models, fabrication models of structural framings and others.

Parametric design

Technology changes, so do construction projects.

Parametric design enables you to simultaneously evaluate multiple solutions and to easily handle modifications and optimizations.


Time is money.

We develop tools to increase your productivity, enhancing your software to bring you the best efficiency.

Custom development

We support you in your projects by developing tailor made solutions


BIM is made to gather all the data of your project in one place. To use your data efficiently, it is often necessary to create automation processes (modelling, fabrication, calculations, design, …).

We offer expert analysis to create these automations, and help you build and optimize your BIM models.

Specialized tools

Does your design office have its own working methods and does it need special tools?

Together, we study the creation and implementation of tailored tools for calculation, fabrication, parametric design, and even shipping or assembly studies.

Multiple technologies

Different needs, different technologies.

We can develop tools in .NET, Python, RhinoScript, Grasshopper and others. Concerning the software, we work on Revit, Rhinoceros, Tekla Structures, Robot Structural Analysis and others, if needed.

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1. Download JumpingFrog|Robot You can download JumpingFrog|Robot on Food4Rhino : 2. Install JumpingFrog|Robot JumpingFrog|Robot uses the builtin .rhi Rhino Installer. Double click the .rhi file or drag it into Rhino to automatically install the plugin. You can then use it right away in Rhino and Grasshopper. 3. Request a trial license You must obtain a...
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weArk will be at BIM WORLD 2018 in Paris on March 28th and 29th

weArk will be at BIM WORLD 2018 in Paris on March 28th and 29th at Espace Grande Arche in La Défense.
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