Chameleon is a free Revit plugin which allows you to easily create multicolor display by category and parameter.

Revit provides a legend system for room and areas. With Chameleon, selecting the category and parameter you want to filter on, you can easily create colored filters on the active view.

Chameleon Revit plugin

Chameleon Installation

To install the plugin, just download the latest version on the Autodesk AppStore then launch the msi file and all we be installed.
Chameleon is a multilanguage plugin (english and french) and is build for Revit 2018 and Revit 2019.

Autodesk App Store

Chameleon Usage

Once installed, the weArk ribbon appears in Revit. From this menu, you have three buttons :

  • Color Filter : This is the main button. It will open a form where you can choose the category you want to filter on. Once the category chosen you can choose the parameter. Once this also done, just press the Save button and it will create all filters in your active view and applying the colours to it.
    After that, the command will save a png file in the same folder as your Revit file describing the legend you just created.
    Chameleon Color Filter legend sample

  • Unapply Filter : This button will unapply Chameleon filters on the active view. They will still exist in Revit but will be removed on the active view.
  • Clear Filter : This button will delete all Chameleon filters of the Revit file. Like this, you can clean it prior to send it.

    Chameleon Help

    If you think about any improvements of Chameleon or if you find any bug, please report it on the Autodesk Appstore.
    You can also directly write to us at